Saturday, February 7, 2009

Emma's turn

Miss Emma got her hair chopped yesterday and donated it to Locks of proud of her! She really wanted to keep that long, stringy mess but agreed to do it when we talked about donating it to someone who needed it more. She swears she's going to grow it back out. We'll see. But after the cut, we went to snap a few images, and, as always, Emma had lots of ideas on how she wanted to pose. It's so hard to get her to act naturally in front of the camera...and even harder to get a natural smile! But we worked it out and we both ended up having fun, especially on the old caboose!


Soap Divine said...

She is precious! And it looks to me that she really digs her new 'do!

Anonymous said...

I have GOT to have a copy of pic # 2 and pic # 3, so can I order copies from you? :) She's a cute little stinker.

Anonymous said...

these pics couldn't be any cuter! and way to go, girl, for donating to locks of love! the new cut is super cute, too!