Monday, April 20, 2009

Stachia + Phillip = Engaged! {Kansas Engagement Photographer}

Well...the changes are coming! Just slower than I thought! A couple of more days and hopefully I'll be ready to unveil it all!!!

For now...I had so much fun working with Stachia and Phillip on Saturday. I'll be covering their wedding this we took some time to get some amazing engagement shots! I've known Stachia as far back as I can remember. We all used to walk to school together and her brother was in my class. Once, her brother and I were having a rock-throwing contest and I guess I won when my rock landed on Stachia's forehead and sliced it open! That's the only time I remember having to go to the principal's office! I'm still feeling bad about that one!!!

At any rate...I can't wait for the wedding. Enjoy your sneak peek!!


Carley Mac said...

those are all gorgeous!!

Misty said...

Great job! I would definitely be getting a storyboard of this if it were me! :)