Friday, September 19, 2008

New Session Type Offered at BJP

a day in the life of Tell the story of your family from sun up to sun down. Bed-head, mealtime, playtime, bath time, story time, bedtime and everything in between--capture your family as it is. Includes a day of coverage (around 6 hrs.), 100 images in the gallery, a DVD slide show of the images set to music, and a 5x7 proof set (around 30 images). Additional prints/products may be purchased at a 15% discount.

With fall harvest just revving up in this part of the country, I am excited to be offering this new session. Every farm family can appreciate recorded history of their farm and knows how much it means to each generation to know what the farm was like. I'm going to tag along for harvest for a couple of days on our own farm...a record for our children to look back and enjoy, a way to share with the world what life is like on the farm during this busy time, and a document to preserve these precious, fleeting memories.

Harvest days are filled with cool, dewy mornings, and long, hot afternoons. The wind will blow, no doubt. Everyone will be praying for a later frost and full grain bins. Sunsets are more gorgeous and painterly every evening and the full moon seems to cap off each harvest. Smiles and laughter, tears and frustration, excitement and disappointment. It's all a part of harvest. And even though it drags on forever some times, it will be over before we know it. your "day in the life" session today and remember the harvest of 2008 forever! Look for a preview from our family next week!!

Call/email for pricing and more details!

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