Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Dash

My aunt just sent this link to me. She sent it in memory of her mom who passed away on 6/1/07. She lived a very long life...into her nineties I believe. Wish I could give my aunt a hug this morning!
Click on the link and watch the short movie. Let it bless you today!

As you watch it...please keep my neighbors in your thoughts and prayers. Their 14 year-old son was killed in a horse accident two nights ago.

Whether the dash represents 14 years or it well.

God bless...


JD said...

The link didn't work, Brooke... but I've heard of "The Dash" story... My prayers are with your neighbors, my heart breaks for them. I've been praying for the Chapman Family too.... Steven Curtis Chapman lost his youngest daughter last week, she was five years old, from a tragic accident. They could use everyone's prayers as well.

((((((( hugs )))))))) :)

Brooke Jantz Photography said...

It works now...thanks for the heads up!

I've been keeping the Chapman's in my prayers too.