Monday, May 26, 2008

Three Blessings...At Sunset

I love this picture. A few things I want to do differently next time but I was just happy to get this. We had just gotten home from town to get groceries and only had electricity to half the house. The wind was blowing like crazy and we were all a little tired. It was past bedtime, but when I saw the sunset, I shoo'd them all out the door to get this picture! I hope you all survived the stormy weekend and a Happy Memorial Day!! God bless our men and women in uniform!!


JD said...

That is one of my favorite pictures from 2008... I love your kids, so this one just melts my heart. I love how they are naturally "posed", love the sky, love the tree "framing" the shot on the right, love the colors, the crispness of the shot... Brooke,

JD said...

... oops, it posted before I finished... Brooke, you're awesome!!! I wouldn't mind buying a 5x7 to frame in my house :)