Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Sweet Boy is FOUR!

I can't believe how fast the time flies. Carter-man is growing up so quickly. He's such a funny kid and we just love him to bits. He got a bike with training wheels for his birthday and he's been riding it around the driveway all day. He also got these cool cowboy boots that are just like his cousin's...and he won't take them off. Makes for a nice style! LOL! He was outside playing this morning so I snapped a few. He was farming on the front porch! I'm going to try to get his actual 4-year-old pics this week sometime. He needs a hair cut first!

Happy Birthday Carter!!


Anonymous said...

My sweet boy turns 16!! tomorrow!! How the time flies by!! Hope you enjoyed your day with him. Jenny A.

Soap Divine said...

Those are great, Brooke. I just had a run down memory lane the other day when I saw Carter's birthday approaching - I can vividly remember holding him when he was only six weeks old, at your cabin, when we visited.