Monday, July 21, 2008

We are home!

Well, our weekend away was...interesting! We did a lot of driving around trying to find different things (read: my husband won't stop to ask for directions because he KNOWS where he is going). We got to visit with the EMT's and become an exhibit all our own at the zoo (read: found out our daughter has my penchant for altitude sickness and her dad's for passing out). We also did fun, touristy types of things and got to smell that Rocky Mountain air. It was a nice weekend away, in spite of the "excitement" at the zoo. Here's just a few pics...mostly from the top of Pike's Peak. I have a busy week but won't have much in the way of sneak peeks for the blog. Head shots probably won't be all that exciting for, I'm not about to ask everyone for a release! :) So...I may be scarce this week!

I've had several inquiries lately for family pictures for Christmas. I'll be posting a few specials before long so keep your eye out for that. I'll also be launching my website shortly...exciting stuff around here!

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