Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot Momma Search!

Normally if you're pregnant in August, the main thing you complain about is the heat. (I've done it twice...believe me, I know about the heat in August when you are pregnant.) But I don't think any pregnant ladies are complaining about the weather right now. Still...I want to find some HOT Mommas for my portfolio!!

If you are between your 34-38th week (or will be soon!), and want to get some captures of this magical time (I know, by 38 weeks you are thinking it's a little less magical), contact me now! The session is FREE!!! It will take around one hour and include studio and on-location shots (weather permitting). If you book your newborn session with me (to take place within two weeks after birth), you will also receive 50% off that session fee.

Don't wait! Let's see some bellies!!! I can only offer this special through September 20 (though the session can take place through the end of October).

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