Thursday, August 14, 2008

My new Cover Model!

The winner of my cover model contest finally had time yesterday to come over and do her shoot. In winning the contest, she also won a free mini session for a friend. They came along together and we had a blast! We shot for about 4 hours both in studio and all around town. I found a couple of new locations right here in our little town! Who knew? These are just a handful I picked out late last night to edit...I'll share more when I have some time to work on them. I've decided these two don't ever take a bad shot though! :) Thanks was so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of some really great girls!

stewbie2 said...

LOVE the color blowout on the prom dress!! That looks great!

Wish you were here to do Jenna's headshots; I can't get that girl to sit still for me!!