Friday, June 13, 2008


Looks like we probably won't be moving this weekend after all. Imagine that! Well, to take my mind off of that...I am going to have a blog contest! I'm in the process of building my brand-spankin' new website and need lots of help! I don't know if I'm just too frustrated or distracted or what...but I am having some creative blocks. SO, that's where you come in!

What I'm looking for are some creative names for the galleries on my new site. I will have a gallery for each of the following: maternity (though I do need some fresh bellies to fill it!), newborns, babies, children (might combine those two), families and seniors. Now, help me get those juices flowing! In the comments section, leave your ideas for gallery names. Keep my logo in mind as you's a butterfly and I'm thinking we could work with it!

You *could* submit your suggestions anonymously...but if you leave your name, I will draw one name from all the submissions and the winner will receive a $15 iTunes gift card! Now who couldn't use 15 new songs on their iPod? For FREE! Help me out and you could be the winner!!!

Come on everyone...leave a comment with some suggestions for one or all of the galleries. Leave as many suggestions as you like and I'll throw your name in the hat up to 3 times! (So I guess that makes it more of a drawing huh? :))

Any questions?

p.s. I'm also going to be looking for a "cover model" for my new site. I'll have details for that next week!



Aimee said...

Just throwing out some suggestions not sure if they are good or no :)

For Seniors you could have it Class of but leave out the year as it will be different every year.

Great Expectations for maternity
Just Arrived for newborns
Wee Ones for babies and/or children
True Love for weddings

Brooke Jantz Photography said...

Thank Aimee! At this point, ANYTHING is a good suggestion! I need ideas to get the juices going. Into the hat goes your name!!

Soap Divine said...

^ Aimee's are pretty good!! I tried to figure out how to incorporate your logo with the titles but got no where, fast! LOL
Here are a few I found that may work for the categories.

Love Match


Anonymous said...

here are just a few... mind is pooped today..

Once upon a time
I do/we do
Childhood (from 2years up to 7)
Tweens (the inbetween years)
Delievery News(newborn)
We love Families


Brooke Jantz Photography said...

Oooo! Great ideas. Thanks ladies! All I can come up with to go with my logo are:
In the Cocoon: Maternity
And something with wings...

IDK if any of them will all have given some great ideas so far! Everyone's name in the hat! THANKS!!

Keep adding new ideas everyone!!

TheHappyNeills said...

Spreading Wings (Seniors)

Starting Out, Just Hatched, or Baby Bloom (Newborn/Baby)

Offspring, Wonder (Children)

Coming Soon (Maternity)

Love Blooming, Smitten, or Amour (Engagement and Wedding)

Something with "Bond" or "devotion" but I can't think of anything yet. (Family)

Jena said...

Hey Brooke!
I love your new website and your photography gets better every day. You do an amazing job! I'll have to come over sometime and have you shoot some photos of me..! Here goes my suggestions:
Find Your Wings (seniors)
- Life Changing Moments
- Wedding Bells
- Butterfly Kisses (newborns)
- New Beginnings (newborns or wedding or seniors)
- Perfectly Priceless (newborns, family)
- When Dreams Come True (newborns, weddings)
- Matchless Love (weddings)
I'll post again if and when I think of more! ;) This is FUN!!

(draw my name PLEEZ!!!)

Anonymous said...

so far all I have is "Ladies in Waiting" for the belly babies.

Brooke Jantz Photography said...

Janet, I don't why but that made me giggle!

Kendra and Jena...GREAT ideas!! Why didn't I think of Butterfly Kisses! The Just Hatched is cute too.

Thanks for the ideas...there's still time for more!! Everyone's name is in the hat!

nbp said...

a few ideas with a "nature" approach:

maternity - dawn
newborns - sprouting out
babies - nature at it's best
children - in full bloom
families - the great out doors
seniors - nightfall

Angie Ling-ling said...
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Anonymous said...

Here's some ideas -
Maternity - Flutterings
Newborns - Beautiful Beginnings
Babies - Little Flutters
Family - Circle of Life
Seniors - Oh, the Places We'll Go
Spreading Our Wings

Shaelyn and I are still thinking, so may post later.

Brooke Jantz Photography said...

Thanks NBP and Angie! I really love flutterings! Your names are in the hat!!

One more day everyone...I'll take suggestions til 6 p.m. on Friday. Throw your name in the hat now!

Lisa Spivey said...

I like thes...
for babies and kids:
Doodle Bugs
Sweet Beginnings
Just Bloomed!

for weddings:
"And the greatest of these is Love."
To Have & To Hold

Class Acts

Brooke Jantz Photography said...

Thanks Lisa! I added your name to the hat!!