Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Portrait Party Sneak Peek

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting so many new and wonderful people this past weekend. Anne and Randy graciously opened their home to host a portrait party. We were able to capture 6 families in total. The weather was gorgeous, the leaves were perfect, and everything went very smoothly. I had so much fun and truely enjoyed meeting everyone. I will have your galleries ready this weekend, but, for now, enjoy your sneak peeks!


Ann Norris said...

My daughter and her two boys were one of the families you met this weekend. She just told me about your website. Your photos are beautiful! I am really excited to see the remaining photos. Again, you do marvelous work and my hope is that your business is very rewarding and of course profitable for you. Thanks for the shots of my daugher and grandsons!

Anonymous said...

These are all gorgeous. Good job!

StephanieH said...

Great pictures Brooke! I love seeing your new work and how you capture the moment!!

-Stephanie H.