Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sneak Peek...Miss A

I'm supposed to be getting all my food prepped for tomorrow...or you know, dusting my house...but this is way more fun! Miss A came all the way from Minnesota to see me this morning. Her cousin was the star of the blog last week so she thought she'd take her turn this week. Miss A was very sweet and seemed to love being my model! I told her mom I'd quickly put up a sneak peek today because I may not have a chance to get their gallery ready in the week I usually take due to the holiday and my vow to spend quality time with the family this week! she is...what a doll!!


ABOUT ME said...
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ABOUT ME said...

ok let see if i can figure out how to leave a comment :)
i really like these pics! do you notice a big difference with your new camera? which one did you get?