Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meet Jaco

We went all the way to Phoenix, AZ to pick up our new puppy last weekend. My friend raises goldens in San Diego and agreed to meet us in Phoenix. What a trip! Three kids, a new puppy, and mom and dad trying to see every cactus in Arizona...made for an interesting drive home! But we love Jaco and are so happy to have him home on the farm. He seems to love it here, despite the 12 degrees that greeted him when we got home. He's got some built-in warmth though, so he doesn't seem to mind! He and Molly were fast friends and they have done great together. I think Jaco is teaching Molly how to be calm. He is the epitome of a Golden Retriever. The kids adore him...he fits right in here in Kansas!

I brought Jaco into the studio this morning hoping to get some better pics than I've gotten so far. Turns out...although he's good with "down" and "sit"...he's not so good with the "stay" yet. But he did pretty complaints here. I can't even get a shot of Molly in studio!


Soap Divine said...

Awwwww--- lookit him! You did great. I imagine trying to get multiply shots w/ a moving target isn't the easiest. I enjoyed these, I hope there will be more to come!!!

Give Jaco a big hug 'n squeeze from his San Diegan roots.

JD said...

This needs to be a regular feature on your blog... I'm thinking weekly, for starters??!! You think I'm kidding? Uhm, no! Love me some golden pics!

He is absolutely gorgeous. I know Goldens are Goldens, but you can always tell when it's one of Heather's babies. They're incredible.

I have many pics of Sam "praying", like Jaco in one of the pics. It's way too cute.

He's calming Molly down? OK, do you know how lucky you are? LOL! We haven't, uhm, experienced that. At all. Quite the opposite, actually.

Thank you for the MUCH anticipated pics... seriously beautiful.

Anonymous said...

These photos are adorable! Love the one where he's "praying" too. :)