Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flowers on a cold, snowy day

We are finally getting some snow! Both yesterday and today it has fallen from the sky without the usual wind, resulting in a blanket of white. Too bad it is only 9 degrees out! And with Carter still in his cast, we won't be going out to play anytime soon. I love the snow, because without it, southwest Kansas is nothing but shades of brown in the winter.

On Sunday, at the grocery store, I picked up some tulips and iris to help bring some color back to these dull days of winter. I figured the least I could do is share them with you...maybe they will lift your spirits today! (Oh and tomorrow I have a newborn shoot so be looking for those images coming soon!)

Have a great day!!


stewbie2 said...

Brooke, which technique did you use on the first? email me at stephanie.wisdom@wirestone.com.... :)

Melissa said...

Wow Brooke, these are GORGEOUS!! You are so talented momma. :)