Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'Tis the slow season!

Right after the holidays, the photography business tends to slow down a bit. I have a few things on the books in the next few months but nothing going on right now. Thus, the slow blog! I'm busy trying to get everything organized and up to date for the new year though so I appreciate the break in sessions.

I am currently offering a free 8x10 for any newborn sessions booked now through if you are currently enjoying the bliss that is pregnancy, give me a ring and we can set up a newborn appointment! Newborn sessions should take place in the first two weeks after birth...and preferably closer to around 5 days new.

And just to add some excitement to the slow season, our son, Carter, broke his leg on Sunday at Grandpa's house. We were out of town but headed back already. Got the call when we were a couple of hours from home so we just met at the hospital. By the time we got there, they already had a temporary cast on it and he was about ready to go home. I took him yesterday to get his "real" cast put on...he picked out a KU blue color.

He's been so tough through the whole ordeal. I think Grandpa's had it worse than Carter! He's had some pain but since he got the cast, he complains more about it itching than anything. It could be a long four weeks!

The Wii has been his friend the last couple of days! I don't really mind but I bet he gets sick of it before long. For now Batman and Star Wars Legos are getting worn out!

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Heidi said...

Poor little guy... but these are some great shots for him to remember his ordeal by! Better now than in the summer, when he'd be itching to get outside...