Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kansas Sunsets

Growing up, there was a lady in our church who was a very talented artist. She used her gift in many ways and blessed our church every so often by drawing beautiful scenes...usually of her talent share during the worship service. I remember sitting in the pew watching every stroke she made with the oil pastels, in awe that she could turn a blank canvas into something so beautiful in a few short minutes. When she finished, she would dim the lights in the church, turn on a multi-colored spotlight on her drawing, and play some music. Everyone would be reminded of God's beautiful creation and his many blessings in our lives. I loved when she would share!

I still can't draw for anything, but I sure love to photograph beautiful sunsets. Kansas has some beautiful sunsets throughout the year...mostly because you can see the whole horizon with hardly a tree to even get in the way of the gorgeous colors. When I see a sunset like last night, it brings this woman to mind...who so many years ago, blessed me and my faith by her willingness to share her God-given talent on a random Sunday morning. This one's for her!


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Oh, Brooke, thanks for that memory! She was amazingly talented, wasn't she? (Connie)