Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kansas Pet Photographer? Maybe!

The only thing harder than chasing down a 2 year old to get a great shot is chasing down a puppy. Make that 2 puppies. I've taken quite a few pictures over the last few weeks but they just haven't been blog-worthy. The dull, blah-ness (that's a word in the Dictionary of Brooke) outside this time of year just doesn't make the best portraits. Now, if we could get some snow, there's a different story!
But today, our contractor came over and finished our fireplace (which now looks SO gorgeous!), and I was trying to get some pictures of it tonight. Travis brought the dogs in and I thought it was the perfect time to get a shot of them, finally. I don't know if it was the fuzzy blanket or the warm fire...but whatever, they sat fairly still and let me get a few good snaps of each of them! You can't really see the fireplace in these...but look at these pups! They are both getting so big!
Jaco (the golden retriever) has a beautiful blond coat and the sweetest personality. He loves the kids...and does a really good job of being gentle around them. Molly (the German shorthair) is starting to learn her role as a hunting dog. She hasn't gotten a lot of field time, but Travis was impressed when he took her out. She needs some training with commands but has a knack for sniffing out the birds (and the bunnies).


JD said...

So sweet, one could go in diabetic shock just looking at those precious pictures... You've probably figured it out, but the trick to getting pet cooperation is to let them run themselves silly outside first, so they'll be ready to crash when they come back in.


Soap Divine said...

Yippee!! Love to look at your pictures, Brooke, especially when I know one of the subjects SO well! Molly has such soulful eyes, she is very photogenic! Have you had to switch out Jaco's collar? We did this weekend, the original became too small! Thanks for sharing - and please feel free to share more! :)